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    • 02 JUL 15
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    Featured Patient Andy Allison and Physical Therapist Susan Daggett

    Featured Patient Andy Allison and Physical Therapist Susan Daggett

    andy allisonOur featured patient is thirty two year old Andy Allison. Andy has been a firefighter and paramedic at Lewisville Fire Department, Station 3, since 2010. In 2012 he had unexpected life changing injuries occur while fighting a house fire. On August 6, 2012 Andy and his fellow firefighters entered a house to put out a fire and salvage as many valuables as possible like they have done so many times before. This time was not like any other before though. Andy suffered severe trauma to his entire body. Andy remembers “when I opened up the nozzle to put out the fire I felt a big hit in my left shoulder. The second and third hits were even bigger. On the third hit I fell onto the floor in convulsions.” Andy had been electrocuted by the household’s clothes dryer when he turned on the nozzle to the hose. Luckily Andy’s fellow firefighters were able to get him out of the house. No one knew how severe Andy’s injuries were at that time. He reported that “when they were first treating me I had leg pain, sciatic pain, a crushing feeling in my chest, dizziness, and my legs weren’t working right.” Andy’s entire body was burned due to the excessive electric shock. Authorities believe that every time Andy leaned into the room he was touching the dryer which electrocuted him through his right knee. Andy learned that he had fourth degree burns in his right leg. After the incident Andy had to have knee surgery to try to repair the damage. It was at this point that he came to see us for rehabilitation for the first time. He was being treated by Susan Daggett, Co-owner and physical therapist at D&D Sports Med. Although Andy was working hard towards recovery, he knew something wasn’t right due to his continuous unexplained pain and symptoms he was experiencing. It wasn’t until nine months later that he was sent to an electrocution specialist. At this time Andy learned that there was a lot more damage to his body than what was first expected. When Andy was struck, the blow was so hard it twisted his spine and severely fractured his back in several places, compressed his spinal cord and burnt the nerves. The doctor reported that he was lucky that he was physically fit enough to withstand that hit, and that he could even walk. Andy had to undergo Lumbar surgery followed by a six level fusion on his thoracic vertebrae. He then returned to D&D to rehabilitate his back. This was not the end of Andy’s problems. He still suffered daily with symptoms such as vestibular neuritis, which severely effects his balance, neurological memory problems, and constant dizziness. Andy is back for a third round of therapy with his favorite physical therapist, Susan Daggett, after recently having had a cervical surgery for more damage suffered. Although Andy will suffer for the rest of his life with symptoms, he tries to keep a positive attitude. He thinks attitude is most important with recovery. When discussing Andy’s experience at D&D he reported that “this place has helped me so much. It allows me to get away to go do something physical. I look forward to going to therapy. I feel comfortable here.” He also reports that he loved going to D&D Sports Med in Sanger but would follow his favorite therapist, Susan Daggett, anywhere. He felt like D&D surrounded him with positive people that cared about him.

    Due to his extensive injuries, Andy has now had to retire from the fire department and leave the job he loves at age 32. Although extremely difficult for him, he manages to push through for his wife Amanda and son Skylar. Out of everything, Andy reports the hardest thing he has had to deal with is not being able to care for them the way he would like and that not being able to ever pick his son up again, due to the extensive surgeries he has undergone, is one of the hardest things he has had to face. Through all of the struggles and pain Andy keeps persevering and working hard towards recovery. If you are out in the Sanger clinic chances are you will see him walking through the door with a smile on his face.

    Andy’s fellow firefighters have come together and started a fund to help assist the family with costs they have incurred. If you would like to help Andy out please go to his go fund me account at

    Thank you for being a loyal and hardworking patient Andy. You are a pleasure to work with. We all are here for you at D&D Sports Med.

    You can read more about Andy’s accident and recovery at the following links below:

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