Direct Access

What is Direct Access?

Direct access is the ability to directly access your physical therapist without a physician referral or prescription for up to two weeks.

Beginning September 1st, 2019 Texans who want physical therapy for an injury or pain management can now access their Physical Therapist without having to first go see a physician, or other healthcare provider.

What does Direct Access Mean to Me? 

Direct Access means that, as a patient, you can have quicker access to treatment rather than having to wait to see your primary care provider in order to get a prescription, a process that can take weeks. Early access to treatment typically results in less cost, and often quicker relief of pain and dysfunction.

Of course, your physical therapist will quickly refer you to your primary care provider if she/he identifies an issue that is beyond what we can treat.

Does my insurance cover Direct Access?

In most cases, insurance providers will reimburse for physical therapy services without a physician referral, although occasionally some do still require one. Put simply, it depends on your insurance carrier. Our front office staff will verify with your insurance carrier whether they will cover your care prior to your first visit.

The exception to this is Medicare. If you are a Medicare patient and wish to file with Medicare, you will still have to obtain a prescription from you primary care provider prior to initiating physical therapy. You can seek treatment under the Direct Access provision, but you would have to bypass Medicare and be a self-pay patient.

Still confused? 

That's understandable. We are happy to visit with you over the phone or in person about Direct Access.