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Co-owner Kathy Dieringer EdD, ATC, LAT is now Titleist Performance Institute Certified.

Becoming a consistent golfer encompasses more than hitting ball after ball on the driving range or putting green. Your physicality may be limiting all that you can be in regard to your golf game. The Titleist Performance Institute Golf Screen will identify your physical limitations and provide a plan to address and correct those deficiencies. By identifying faulty stability patterns and deficient mobility, a personalized golf specific program is developed to address and remove those limitations, allowing the golfer to reach their full potential. Using a team based approach that includes physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches, every aspect of the golfer’s deficiencies can be expertly addressed.  As an avid golfer herself, TPI has enhanced Kathy’s ability to help each golfer overcome those disconnects in the body-swing connection. Call 940-380-9111 for more information. Start on the path to becoming a better golfer!