D&D excels at services that assist the injured worker's return to full function. Our collaborative approach with the patient, employer and insurance provider insures an effective and safe transition back to work.

We offer services beyond physical and occupational therapy, including Functional Capacity Evaluations, Work Conditioning and Post Offer Employment Tests.


Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

An FCE assesses the individual’s ability to return to work following an injury by evaluating the entire body's level of function, strength, fitness and endurance, as well as the individual's ability to perform work related tasks based on his/her job description.

Work Conditioning

Work conditioning addresses functional strength, flexibility, and agility training to optimize performance at work. It is a comprehensive and individualized program based on the individual's needs and level of function. By promoting injury prevention through proper lifting and movement patterns, an injured worker is gradually returned to full function, while teaching techniques and strategies to prevent further injury.


Post Offer Employment Test (POET)

A POET assesses the individual's ability to perform the tasks of a job they have applied for, and includes strength testing, flexibility testing and a full musculoskeletal evaluation. Developed in collaboration with the prospective employer, a POET also evaluates the individual based on job-specific skills she/he will be required to perform at their job.

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